Financial Resources & Tips

Can’t afford textbooks?

  • Check if the books for your class are in the libraries; they may be be on reserve!
  • Talk to your Dean! The Deans’ Office offers no-interest loans to students to cover the cost of books and supplies. 
  • Check out the Sportula’s free textbook exchange 
  • Contact us and we will try to crowdsource the books you need


Need money to attend a conference, internship, or field school?

  • Talk to your department! The Undergraduate Advisor and Graduate Advisor will know what departmental funds are available to sponsor your research and travel. 
  • Also talk to:
    • For undergradsEleanor Stanford is the Fellowships Advisor and can help you find specific resources.
    • For graduate students: Vanessa Davies is the Associate Director of Institutional Grants and Research Grants Compliance Manager and can help you find specific resources. 


These institutions and societies also provide grants and fellowships: