Artist Spotlight: Shreya Ragavan ’22

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SPEAC Artist Spotlight:

Shreya Ragavan (they/them)
Bryn Mawr ’22
Psychology major, Classical culture and society minor

What initially drew you to the study of the ancient world?

Sophomore year, while looking to fulfill my “Inquiry into the Past” requirement, I stumbled upon the Golden Age of Athens course at Haverford. I’d never taken a classics course before, but I loved the Percy Jackson series when I was younger, so I figured I’d give the course a try.

Classics quickly became a source of light in my life. I eagerly looked forward to Athens class each week.

In the spring, I decided to enroll in Elementary Greek in order to fulfill my language requirement. The rest is history.

What aspects of the ancient world do you find inspiring for your work? 

I’m especially interested in emotions and affect, gender identity and expression, mental health and mental illness, death and the afterlife, etc. in Ancient Greek mythology and literature.

I also have an interest in classical reception, and in refashionings/ adaptations of Ancient Greek texts. Mythical figures often help me to feel understood at the same time as I seek to understand them. I am inspired by the ways in which mythical lives interact and intersect with our own.

What are your future goals for study and art? 

I’m hoping to eventually pursue further education in the field of classics, perhaps after a gap year or two. I’ve been looking into classics post-bacc programs for now.

The arts are undoubtedly a crucial part of my life. No matter where life takes me, I’ll always be a creator at heart. I am very excited to continue generating artistic work inspired by my passion for Ancient Greek mythology and literature in the future.

My dream career would likely be one that allows me to combine my passion for classics with my love of the arts (visual art, creative writing, and theatre). Who knows- maybe in 5 years you’ll find me auditioning for the role of Orpheus in Hadestown! (If I ever learn how to dance, that is.)

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